Lifesaver Hacks For Parents Who Fly With Kids

When it comes to flying with children parents can honestly get really stressed out. That's because long flights being difficult times for parents. Children can really get rambunctious when it comes to being in confined spaces for long periods of time. You might honestly think that it's better off taking a road trip instead of flying even though it's quicker. However, there are a few Lifesaver hacks for parents who want to fly with their kids that can help make life for you and other people and then the plane much more easy.


No one likes to feel uncomfortable when they were flying and a very long economy-class flight. And that definitely goes for children. Discomfort can honestly make the flight the most difficult for the parents because they don't know how to ease their child. There is one way to make flying a lot more comfortable for children and keep them happy and quiet. and it involves a cheap item you can find at most retailers in-store and online. A pet bed. Yes, we said pet bed.  this amazing idea was found on a Facebook group where a flight attendant saw a family using pet beds on a flight to keep their kids comfy and happy. Soft dog beds can actually make a cute comfy pillow for children and the soft padding around the edge makes the armrests comfy too. Because you'll be buckling the kids up the large pillow part helps keep kids from feeling all tight and confined by the buckles and you'll even have a pillow leg rest at the bottom.


With airlines banning commercial products for children like the plane pal and fly tot, the $5 round fleece pet bed is the cheapest of all of the products sold and looks just as good. Kids get a built-in pillow, lots of comfy cushioning and arm rest! You can also easily fold this up and stash it in a bag to be carried on and off the plane. If you fly with an airline like Southwest, your child will get a personal item with their seat and easily be able to stow the pillow under the seat in front of them at any point. Win, win for Mom and Dad!


Another win win when it comes to keeping kids Happy on flights it's to make sure you pack enough toys. Toys should be able to be played with in the central area or on the tray tables. Also, you should pack a pair of headphones just in case you have in-flight entertainment or bring along a tablet in order to keep kids happy. Just make sure that you charge it before you get on the flight or bring a charger with you. Many flights now offer in charging Services. Just be sure to check with your airline to make sure they offer this before you get on the plane.

Because Airlines snacks and drinks are limited, you might want to let your child pick out a few things in the airline gift shops. This might also make their flying experience a little more enjoyable.